Committing a plan to paper;

Setting goals;

Effectively knowing how to look and to find market information from the right sources;

Minimize the risks of business;

Maximize the utilization of money, people and other resources to achieve the desired result;

Keeping and interpreting records to evaluate changes, trends and weaknesses is a focus on the future; and,

Establish strategy for reaching customers by spelling out the competitive advantage of a client’s product or services, market size, anticipated market share and major competitors, by specifying a budget and a timetable for the campaign, plus ways to measure results.


For anyone needing help realizing her or his show.



Overall ability to manage the business will improve;

Goals become clearer through planning stages allowing you to anticipate and meet the inevitable changes of the future in a practical, realistic and sensible fashion;

Allows you to monitor and become more knowledgeable about your industry and business, helps you feel confident, and help discover competitive advantages, new opportunity as well as deficiencies; Access the progress and maximize the rewards;

Eliminates misunderstanding;

Avoid mistakes, anticipate consequences, plan alternatives, gauge resources, profit from advantages;

See beyond the day-to-day grind, allowing you to focus in a logical and organized manner on the future of your company; and

Ability to sell yourself using ingenuity and persistence, especially with a new business.


Excellence in planning fosters excellence in business and profile. With a MARRAM Marketing & Communications/PR Plan, a person is positioned to take advantage of opportunity that best and meaningfully connects them to her or his customers in a timely, economical and efficient way. MARRAM’s services are to research, create, implement and evaluate marketing and communications/PR strategies and plans:

  1. Market Analysis;
  2. Marketing and Sales Planning;
  3. Plan Execution;
  4. Plan Execution Review; and,
  5. Business Writing, Editing and Proofing