“I have worked with many different PR agents over the years, but Laurie was the first person to take a new approach, really trying to dig out my story and bring that to the world. Laurie showed her talent and enthusiasm for her work in promoting my 5th album, The Raven’s Sun, through a successful press and social media campaign. She employed a strategic approach to engage the media and the public in a new way that brought significant attention to my work and live performances, as well as a new insight to who I am as a brand and a person! Laurie has in-depth marketing experience that combines her knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to create tangible and long-term results. I know that everything she touches shines brighter and I look forward to working with her again!"

Catherine MacLellan

Catherine MacLellan.com
- 2015 Juno Award: Best Roots and Traditional Album "Raven's Sun"


“I have complete confidence in Laurie’s ability to see the bigger vision, yet, work on the small pieces to make it all come together. She has an excellent understanding of my vision and what I stand for; this has really helped stay consistent in my message. Partnering with Laurie has made me feel much more focused and confident in a website development process that I find very intimidating. I would definitely recommend Laurie’s services to anyone interested in website development, branding, integrating social media and PR – the whole package!”

Camille Lawson

The Eros Group


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“Starting out, I was lucky enough to benefit from her extensive and impressive strategic and creative background and experience. She gave me the needed motivation and confidence boost because she put into place a plan to get me from where I was, to where I wanted to be and beyond. She could see opportunities and applications with different potential clients that I had never considered possible. She took my passion and ideas from a place of possibility, and put them into something practical and achievable. Because she showed me the steps I needed to take next and how to go about doing it, it made it all seem easier.”

Kate Hodgson

9to5 Narrative


"It has been a pleasure working with Laurie! She was an invaluable asset to the gallery, contributing to the expansion and promotion of Art Yard’s artists and image. Thank You for your fantastic ideas and infectious enthusiasm."

Natasza Cieplik

Art Yard


“Her support was motivational and step by step - helping set optimistic yet achievable goals, develop skills about how to write and discuss my artistic work, think strategically about audience development and target markets, fundraising, how to sell tickets and how to have an impact not only on my work but also my community at large. Her resourcefulness empowered me to consider these skills as long-term assets allowing me to excel in my artistic visions, at the same time developing a business mind in relation to artistic work- an invaluable asset for today’s independent/ freelance artist. Most impactful was her mentorship towards establishing a confident professional profile as an independent dancer and choreographer in a highly competitive niche scene with a business/ marketing plan to back it up.”

Artistic Director & Choreographer/Dancer Kate Nankervis with Choreographer/Dancer Simon Renaud.

“Laurie has brought a depth of marketing experience in the arts to each challenge, enriching an organization's promotional objectives with strategic and informed approaches that leverage public engagement opportunities and marketing potential. From media relations and PR collateral to press and social media campaigns, I have utmost confidence in her skills, and look forward to working with her again.”

Shauna McCabe

Textile Museum of Canada Executive Director